About Me

I'm not a blogger, nor a writer, nor a photographer. I'm just a storyteller.

I'm Yulita Muspitasari
Usually, I write my last name "Mus" so that people can remember it easily. Mus is also my father's name.

I am 19 years old girl who was born in Kendal, a little city in Central Java, Indonesia.

Then, I moved to Solo and now I am living in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

I love nature, but I can't live without Wi-Fi (Me without Wifi is like a fish without water :p )
I love writing, but I often sleepy while I'm reading (But I have to write and write and write because all of my Professors are in love to make their students write).
I love photography, that's the reason why I love odyssey.
I love to share the story, that's the reason behind my journey.

Let's share something....
contact me:

Facebook: Yulita Mus
Twitter: @YulitaMus


  1. haay yulita salam kenal yaa :) umur kita sama-sama 19 :)
    kmu tinggal di Bangladesh kah skrang?

    semoga bisa berteman yaa :)